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“Thank you very much for my CV which is excellently written and well presented. You have showed me how a technical biomedical resume can turn into a strong professional advertisement for myself. I was also very appreciative for your job hunting tips, and I believe I have made a good impression in my recent job application. I will definitely recommend your services to anyone.”
“Mary Kampen has provided a personalised approach to sourcing the right candidate for my business. My experience with her has been positive and professional from the beginning and even the potential candidates spoke highly about how she has approached them. Mary has provided me with excellent advice and practical suggestions to my recruitment process and we were able to find the perfect candidate to join our team. I highly recommend Mary and RCT to business owners looking for support in sourcing the right candidates for their business.”
Jenny Nam – Financial Coach
Become Invested
Upon assuming HR responsibilities in my current employment, I turned to several different options for specialist help, without much success. Mary Kampen of RCT has come to my rescue. She provides expert advice and has gone out of her way to meet our HR needs. I recommend her highly.
Jurgen Wiesner – Executive Pastor Operations
South West Christian Church
Mary was an amazing support and guide while I went through my job interview process for my new job.
Mary really wanted to make sure I met her client’s requirements which weren’t just to tick off everything in the job description but to also fit their culture and ethics.
I also wanted to make sure the job was the right fit for me because I didn’t want to leave my current job for anything. I wanted to make sure my next role was the right kind of challenge, for a company that understood my strengths and weaknesses, while also meeting my personal and career needs and goals. A big ask I know but Mary was great. She didn’t think I was being difficult or fussy and she didn’t dismiss the things that were important to me. She understood and I felt she had my best interests in mind as well as her client’s.
One thing that seriously impressed me was that after reading my CV and speaking to me for around an hour, Mary was able to sum my skills, personal and career gaols up. She did it so well I was stunned. I felt heard and I suddenly felt at ease with the situation. My concern was that I would be put forward for the role based only on my skills, but they are just a part of who I am.
Also, with the role there was the pathway to a more senior role, but I was honest with Mary and said I’m not interested in going in that specific direction so if it’s a deal breaker with her client I’d understand. I know for many this would be, but Mary didn’t dismiss my choice, and she understood why it wasn’t important to me and said she’d take this to her client and see how they feel about it. I was pleased to find out it wasn’t a deal breaker for them and they offered me a job.
I haven’t been through a job interview process with a recruiter before and this one was quite a long one, so Mary’s input along the way, checking how I’m going and making sure I’m still comfortable with what was happening and allowing me to ask any questions and share any concerns was so important. It all helped me come to my final decision.
2.5 weeks later I signed my new work agreement and am now two weeks away from starting my new role. I am very excited about it because I know it fit’s me and I fit the company. I couldn’t have asked for anything more because it’s everything I wanted with a few extras.
Thank you so much Mary for finding me! 🙂

Leah Grimes