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Renew Your Job – Without Having to Leave it

  Have you been in your role or industry for a while…and things are getting a bit ho hum? You may think you need a new job, or a change of industry, but it may just be that you need to do one of the following: Upskill: Some employers are great at suggesting training or courses that will help you improve your skills and knowledge – and some are less proactive. Either way, there’s nothing stopping you from having a look yourself to find ... Read more

How to Stand Out from the Crowd

You've found it – a great job that's perfect for you.  You have the experience and the skills they're looking for. Last week we gave you some tips on what to do when you’re feeling discouraged when you’re searching for a new job, and this week we continue on the job search theme. What can you do to make sure that your application stands out from the crowd, and gives you the best chance of the recruiter calling you back (and not ... Read more

Job Search Tips

Searching for a new job can be tough. Quite often there are many other applicants, and applying for jobs can feel like a never-ending task that’s going nowhere. In her recent article for Star Weekly, Marry Kampen from RCT Careers had a simple message for job seekers: Don’t give up. But what else can you do when you’re feeling discouraged? Here are some other ideas that may help: Follow Up: Have you spoken to an agency or recruitment consultant, or heard that a particular company ... Read more

Many Bumps on Road to Finding a Job in the Wyndham Area

Star Weekly recently told the story of a 59-year-old Hoppers Crossing resident who was unable to find a job (despite applying for 478 of them!) - and Mary Kampen from RCT Careers was asked to weigh in on this important topic. Mary's take on it? The lack of jobs in the western suburbs, and the lack of employment support are the biggest hurdles currently facing residents. With at least 200 - 300 applications received for most roles, Mary has a simple message ... Read more

Personal Presentation At An Interview

They say that first impressions count – and this is even more so at an interview.  You don't want to stand out for all of the wrong reasons - before you've even had a chance to open your mouth. What can you do to make sure that you make a good first impression? Whether you are meeting with a recruiter, or the employer, make sure you pay special attention to these: Hair: You may not have time (or the funds) to visit the ... Read more

Communication with Employees

Following on from our last post, we now look at how you can communicate better with your employees. This is just as valuable as regular and open communication with your managers, and a business-wide approach should be established and maintained regularly. So, what is the best way to communicate with your employees? You have a few options: Through the Management Team: After the group management meeting, the managers should hold a meeting with their staff (as soon as possible) so that they can update ... Read more