Part 1: Are You Onboarding Effectively?

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employment assistanceAccording to the Bureau of Labour Statistics, less than 20 years ago the average person held six jobs during their career. Fast-forward to today, and the average number of jobs has soared to 11. When you consider the costs (and lost work hours) for replacing an employee, doing all that you can to retain employees is clearly very important.

Onboarding your new staff effectively is thought to dramatically decrease staff turnover – so it’s imperative that you are doing it effectively.

What is Onboarding?

Onboarding is the process where new employees learn the attitudes, knowledge, skills and behaviours that they’ll need to perform well within a role (and company). It’s more than just completing documents and learning the processes (though this forms an important part of it), but also relates to the culture of the company they are joining.

During (and at the end of) the Onboarding process, the new employee should feel welcomed into the company, and well prepared for their new role. A successful Onboarding will also mean that they can become a valuable member of the company at a faster rate.

Next time we’ll take a look at the important points for you to consider, to make sure that you’re Onboarding effectively, plus how RCT Careers can help you do this.


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