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high-value_low-cost_400x320Employers want a short list of eligible candidates who are suited to the positions available. To ensure we provide this every time, RCT performs extensive applicant evaluations to ascertain the competencies of individuals and marries their skill set to the competencies required by each employer. We do this while using modern technology and streamlined procedures to minimize our overheads.

Sometimes a deeper understanding of candidates is required for positions where greater expertise is necessary. Using our psychological assessment tools, we are able to learn the behavioral aptitudes and patterns of candidates and provide full reports to our clients. These services remove the guess work from the selection process, generate advantageous outcomes for employers and represent a high value/low cost recruitment solution. Of course, this highly intensive and thorough procedure will attract an additional fee.

  • Extensive applicant evaluations
  • Streamlined selection process
  • Cost-effective recruitment solutions
  • Psychological assessments for additional fee
  • HR recruiting Australia-wide