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interview helpSearching for a new job can be tough. Quite often there are many other applicants, and applying for jobs can feel like a never-ending task that’s going nowhere.

In her recent article for Star Weekly, Marry Kampen from RCT Careers had a simple message for job seekers: Don’t give up.

But what else can you do when you’re feeling discouraged?

Here are some other ideas that may help:

  • Follow Up: Have you spoken to an agency or recruitment consultant, or heard that a particular company is hiring? Follow up on all leads as soon as you hear about them, then follow up again approximately once a week. Let them know you’re still keen, and if they ask for any information from you, make sure that you provide it to them promptly.
  • Be Organised: Block out time daily, or at least a few times a week to apply for new jobs. Dedicate this time to looking at all of your available options, and to apply for anything relevant. It’s also important to be flexible with this though – if a new job comes up, make sure that you’re ready to apply as soon as possible. Most jobs sites also allow you to set up alerts so that you are notified of new jobs that are advertised in your field – make sure you sign up to these, so you are first to hear when a new job is listed.
  • Give Yourself a Break: Make sure that you continue to spend time with family and friends, and doing things that you enjoy. It’s important to take your mind off it for a while every now and then. Afterwards you’ll return to your job search feeling renewed, and with more energy to focus on what you need to do.

Like pieces of a puzzle, the above suggestions all fit together to help you feel that you are moving forward in a more positive way if you’re feeling discouraged with your job search. And remember: Don’t give up.


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