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Knowing where to look and what to look for when seeking employment can be a tricky path to navigate. There are literally hundreds of newspapers, websites, social media pages and noticeboards all vying for your attention. So helping you refine your search is a skill we have acquired to make your life easier and get you on your way sooner. Employers from various industries often concentrate their search for new talent in certain places. At RCT, we are able to quickly and easily guide our clients to these areas. This minimizes their search time and reduces the frustration of studying the general employment pages and coming up empty handed. By working with us one-to-one or in our workshops, we will learn your desires and abilities and point you in the right direction for the right position for you.

  • Time-saving strategies and job-search tools
  • Refined search zones in advertised and not advertised job markets
  • Improved search outcomes by tailoring your approach
  • Our experience and guidance is your asset
  • Career counseling Australia-wide