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You’ve found it – a great job that’s perfect for you.  You have the experience and the skills they’re looking for.

Last week we gave you some tips on what to do when you’re feeling discouraged when you’re searching for a new job, and this week we continue on the job search theme. What can you do to make sure that your application stands out from the crowd, and gives you the best chance of the recruiter calling you back (and not flipping past your resume)?

Here’s what you can do:

  • Your Resume: Your most recent role should be listed first.  With each job you’ve had, you would have performed many different tasks, so it can be hard to know what to include on your resume (and in what order).  So – take a look at the job advertisement, or position description. If your most recent role had you performing those same tasks, make sure they are listed first, and that you use similar (or the same) words to describe what you’ve done.  Remember – the recruiter will be looking for keywords to help them decide who they should call.
  • Courses/Workshops: Is there a particular skill that you’d like to learn, or refresh your knowledge on? Then have a look for available courses or workshops that you can do. It will not only make you a more attractive candidate to recruiters and potential employers, but will also equip you with valuable skills that you can use in your next role.
  • Social Media: With recruiters and employers using platforms such as LinkedIn more and more, make sure that your LinkedIn profile is up to date, and matches the information that’s on your resume.  When deciding what skills to list first for each role, list them in the order of what you did most of in that role. Also think about what your ‘dream job’ would have you doing – if you have those skills, make sure they’re listed on your profile. Also, Facebook and LinkedIn have groups that you can request to join – look for groups in your industry or the area you live/work in. It’s important to note that these groups are designed to facilitate conversations and connect with people, and as a safe place to ask questions – not as a place to sell yourself.
  • Google It: There’s a lot of information online that can help you with the recruitment and interview process. Have a look around and do some research – don’t forget YouTube for videos. Also, take a look at out other blog posts – they are written to help guide you along.

Applying for jobs takes time and a lot of effort. By considering the points above, you can make sure that you’re spending your time focusing on the important parts – that are more likely to help you stand out from the crowd.


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