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employer assistanceIn our previous post about Onboarding, we mentioned how company culture forms an important part of the process.

Now let’s take a look at what company culture actually is, and why it’s so important.

What Is Company Culture?

Company culture is so many things.  Starting with the big parts – it’s the vision of the company, and it’s the clearly defined values that will help you work towards this vision.

Looking further, it’s also the systems that are in place, and the language that is used in the marketing, and the internal and external documents. It’s how people speak to clients, customers, and other people about the company and what they do. It’s also the beliefs, and the habits of everyone who works there.

It’s something that’s embedded in the workplace – something that every day helps people who work there make decisions that are best for the company.

Why is Company Culture Important?

If company culture is something that helps employees make decisions, and work towards the vision of the company – it’s imperative that they understand it.

More than just understanding it though, it’s important that they are on board with it, and are fully committed to following the same rules.

As an example, Company A (who are in Real Estate) have built a strong reputation locally as the ‘experts’ in that area.  All of the employees live in the area, and faithfully utilise other local businesses wherever possible.  They know the best spot to get their morning coffee, and where’s good to take the family for brunch on Sunday. They understand the challenges and opportunity for growth, and passionately support anything that can make this happen.  They also give back to their local community wherever possible – and this sometimes means spending time outside of usual business hours supporting local projects or organisations.  All of this helps them build on and maintain their vision of being the experts in real estate in this area – and the people to speak to if you are looking to buy or sell.

With this example, it’s easy to see how company culture plays a crucial role when hiring new employees.  Each person within this company needs to have an existing and thorough understanding of the local area, and help work towards the overall vision of the company to remain the local experts.  This isn’t something that can be taught – but instead something that all new employees will bring with them.


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