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In the modern workplace, it’s very common to find all types of people working together – people with different beliefs, customs, and those from all different backgrounds.

While some types of celebrations can be quite common (and happily celebrated) by some people, others’ may not celebrate the same things, or have any interest in certain types of events.

So, how do you manage this in your workplace – without offending anyone, or leaving anyone out?

  • Firstly, make any celebration or event known to everyone.  Make sure that it is publicised well in advance.  Some easy ways to do this is via a noticeboard, a company wide email, on the internal intranet, or via a Social Club.
  • Secondly, make any celebration or event open to anyone to attend.  Even if that person is not from the same background (and may not usually celebrate this event), they may still be someone that enjoys learning about different celebrations or customs (or they may just love a good celebration!) and would love to be involved and to find out more.
  • Lastly, make it OK for people not to attend or take part – without having to explain themselves.  If you’re sure that everyone is aware of what’s happening, you can then leave it up to them whether or not they take part.  If the event is happening during usual business hours, they have the option to continue working as usual during the event.  If the event it outside of usual business hours, it is even easier for them not to take part if they choose not to.

By keeping the above suggestions in mind, you will make sure that no one is left out, or offended, by any of the many celebrations or events that occur within your workplace.


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