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Recruitment Coaching Training was born out of Mary Kampen’s passion for supplying excellence in all aspects of the Human Resources field to her clients. Mary’s expertise, energy and enthusiasm are hallmarks of her operating style and result in high quality outcomes for her clients on a perpetual basis. When combined with her decade of experience, clients can be confident their HR requirements and employment needs are being personally attended to with dedication and professionalism.

RCT has two major streams established to benefit both arms of the HR equation.

Employers can be assured their Recruitment and HR requirements are being looked after by Mary and her team of experts. They possess the skills, knowledge and industry contacts to provide high value services and the internal efficiencies to achieve this at a reduced cost to business. Tailored solutions are developed for individual client needs and out-of-the-box thinking is utilised to find inventive answers for modern day employment situations. Their expertise in all areas of compliance, recruitment and HR support means they can quickly and constructively respond to any of their clients’ HR concerns. Please read the Services section to learn more about how RCT’s business services can improve your productivity and profitability.

Individuals can also benefit from the variety of services RCT offers. From resume writing and advanced job search techniques to career development workshops and executive coaching, RCT provides skilled and personable staff to encourage and educate. Their systematic approach makes entering the workforce and transitioning between jobs or careers a seamless process with minimal stress. They have the extensive business connections and expertise to help anyone seeking any level or direction of employment. Please see the Services section and learn other ways RCT can help to put you ahead of the employment pack.

The combination of these two streams means Mary and the RCT team are perfectly placed to advantage employers, employees, career changers and job-seekers. Their tenacity, integrity and uncompromising ability to deliver on promises means they can help you to quite simply…

Get The job done